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Surf’s introduce Twinkie Dog, Surf Burger and Triple Play
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By Chuck King

Atlantic City – The Atlantic City Surf plan to debut three new ballpark sandwiches this week that take minor league cuisine – and cholesterol – to a new level.

In an attempt to bring the boardwalk to the ballpark, the Surf created the Surf Burger(photo, left): Two quarter-pound hamburgers, three pieces of cheese, four slices of bacon, lettuce and tomatoes, sandwiched between two funnel cakes.

“Funnel cake is big jersey thing,” Atlantic City head of concessions Sander Stotland said. “We’re a big tourist town. People go to the boardwalk to eat funnel cake.”

For those who have trouble deciding what to eat, the Surf created the Triple Play (photo, right): a quarter-pound cheese burger topped with a butter flied hot dog and wrapped in a slice of cheese pizza.

The Surf are also bringing a new wrinkle to the traditional ballpark hot dog. Consider the Twinkie Dog: a hot dog wrapped in bacon, placed in a Hostess Twinkie, then lightly grilled.

The Twinkie Dog doesn’t come with cheese because, as Stotland said, “that’s just gross.”

“It’s a minor league ballpark,” Stotland gave as a reason for developing the crazy/creative menu items. “It’s Atlantic City. It’s something to entice the crowd and get people to the ball park.”

The Twinkie Dog will sell for $4.50; the Surf Burger for $8.00 and the Triple Play for $6.00.

The Surf hope the new menu items draw some of Atlantic City’s summer beach crowd. Surf Staffers plan to hit the boardwalk in the next few weeks to post fliers advertising the new menu choices.

They also aren’t finished with their new “Phat Menu.” Stotland is currently working on even larger sandwiches which fit in hoagie rolls and incorporate cheesesteaks and meatballs.

“It’s value,” said Stotland, who jokes that the Surf have paramedics standing by incase of any food-induced medical problems. “It’s family value. It’s something to talk about.”

Surf marketing representatives are currently looking for cardiologist to sponsor the Phat Menu. And they are serious about that.

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